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And Here We Go…

Now 2015 really kicks into gear. Keith has basically been off work for the past two weeks. He’s worked, I think, four days. It’s been a crazy schedule! So tonight he returns to work, complete with a new “bid” (every six months the guys choose where they want to go every night; they are awarded… Continue reading And Here We Go…

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7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

— 1 — Theoretically “spring” has arrived here in central Indiana. Today it is supposed to be 65*, and we will be outside. Next week, another polar vortex. I would just like to say, suck it, winter. — 2 — Apparently we are the only people on earth to have not seen some movie called… Continue reading 7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

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Why Am I Surprised?

God provides. And almost every time it happens, I am surprised. It is, yet again, -1 million degrees outside. Okay, maybe just -20 degrees. Not counting wind chill. But… Both of our 15+ year old cars start. Our furnace doesn’t even hesitate. Our pipes haven’t frozen or burst. Our house is warm(ish – we have… Continue reading Why Am I Surprised?

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7 QT: More Snow Edition

  — 1 — It’s going to snow here again today. Another measurable snow. Like 3-5″. This doesn’t include the fact that it has snowed almost every day this week. I would like to move somewhere warm, where it doesn’t snow 30+” before January is over every winter. Any ideas? Anyone want to trade houses… Continue reading 7 QT: More Snow Edition

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Choosing Joy: Lowered Expectations

First, you should go read this. Go ahead; I’ll wait right here. Finished? I love what Heidi has to say about being the type of woman who wants to finish work before allowing herself to play. And trust me; I know her in real life. She is like that. Not rigidly so, but she does… Continue reading Choosing Joy: Lowered Expectations

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I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand. We’ve had two snow days. Well, today makes two, technically, as it is only Tuesday, and the snow started on Sunday. Snow. Blowing. Drifting. Frigid conditions. The city, the state, is shut down. Schools closed. Churches closed. Businesses closed. That I understand. What I don’t understand are the people who don’t see… Continue reading I Don’t Understand

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Seven Quick Takes: 2014 vol. 1

  — 1 — Keith got a text at 7:00 pm on New Year’s Eve that he had to work New Year’s night. At 7:00 pm. So 24 hours away. And he’d slept all of three hours, since he’d assumed he’d actually be, you know, off, for the holiday. Let’s just say it sucked the… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes: 2014 vol. 1