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We are in the path of potentially bad weather today. There has already been marble and golf ball sized hail not twelve miles from us. My meteorologist friend has suggested we find someplace with a basement for this afternoon.

Having grown up in Indiana, severe weather is nothing new for me. But this morning, as I was preparing for potential emergency situations, I began to think about our stuff.

If we only have thirty seconds to grab what is important, what do I grab? I mean, I have stuff that is important to me for various reasons: jewelry from Keith and my brother, my journals, pictures and scrapbooks.

In reality, when the weather turns like this, I prepare a bag to grab and hide. In that bag goes things that are necessary: diapers, wipes, sippy cups, medicine, phone charger, flashlight, snacks. There’s a heavy blanket stashed next to the bathroom in case we have to get into the bathtub (unfortunately, the only “safe” place in our small house).

Would I be sad to lose my jewelry, journals and pictures? Absolutely. But it’s all stuff.

Just stuff.

Losing our dog? Our cat? Our child? My husband? Devastating.

It’s during storms like today that I realize we don’t really and truly need much. Most of what we have is just stuff.

And we have too much of it. Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful we have been so blessed. But it’s just stuff.

So if at the end of the day I still have my husband, son, dog and cat… It’s a good day, regardless of whatever else happens.

4 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Some items that are not replaceable we have in our waterproof/fireproof safe that holds up to water and fire for 72 hours. Since we are not in a flood zone, I am sure we would never have a problem with it not being long enough. I have all my scrapbooks in there, our passports, birth certificates, adoption paperwork, MY baby pictures and baby book and the back up hard drive with all our photos and files on it.
    Maybe it is the sentimental side of me, but I don't want to lose these things.
    In a real emergency, I would only be caring about my 2 babies and my husband anyway!
    Stuff is stuff!


  2. I've thought about that a lot lately as I've tried to make room in our house for another person. What can go? What do I absolutely need to keep? I tell myself it's just stuff, and that makes it so much easier to pitch! Well, some of it, anyway. 🙂


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