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We are in the path of potentially bad weather today. There has already been marble and golf ball sized hail not twelve miles from us. My meteorologist friend has suggested we find someplace with a basement for this afternoon. Having grown up in Indiana, severe weather is nothing new for me. But this morning, as… Continue reading Stuff

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This is How God Works!

Two weeks ago we had our furnace checked. It turns out the heat exchanger is cracked. I don’t know exactly what that does, but it’s cracked in two places and it could lead to a fire or a¬†carbon monoxide leak. The furnace people (that we love and have used for years)¬†explained that if the part… Continue reading This is How God Works!

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Really, I’m Super-Blessed

Okay okay…so yesterday’s post was a little whiny. But I was really tired. And my poor baby is teething (currently have¬†a call in to the doc about upping the tylenol doseage! he’s getting big!). Little Man doesn’t cry all the time. He’s usually a generally happy, content, lay-on-the-blanket and coo at the ceiling fan kinda… Continue reading Really, I’m Super-Blessed

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Family Saturday

It snowed here yesterday/last night. We got pretty close to 8″ of the wet white stuff, and when the wind started in we got HUGE snow drifts. Last year, we bought a snowblower. Excuse me, Keith…a snow THROWER. Whatever, right? Anyway…last time it snowed I used it on the driveway and was informed that Keith… Continue reading Family Saturday

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’m having trouble getting into the holiday spirit. I’ll write more about that later, though. Right now…reasons I have to be thankful on Thanksgiving (in no particular order): 1) My husband. He works very hard and is planning to work even harder so I can be¬†a SAHM someday. 2) My mother. She is the bestest… Continue reading Thanksgiving Thoughts