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How Much do I Trust God?

But my son can never remove his skin, and he never made the choice to be born Black. He didn’t choose to have people at our recent Freedom Festival parade skip over him for the second year in a row and not give him candy while the white kids on either side of him got handfuls handed to them.

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My Mom

I wrote my last post just over a month ago. In it, I talked about how Little Man had a random meltdown about how his Grammy, my mom, was going to die. Two weeks later she had a massive brain hemorrhage. And although my mom did not die, thank God, our lives have all profoundly… Continue reading My Mom

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What I Worry About: Racism

Parenthood is full of things that cause fear and worry. It begins with in utero concerns and moves to possible birth trauma. Then you worry about SIDS, formula vs. breastmilk, organic vs. traditional foods, speech development, childhood diseases, fatal childhood trauma, kidnapping, pedophiles, etc. Parents then turn their concerns over to things like bullying, drug… Continue reading What I Worry About: Racism

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Scary Accident

Yesterday, Little Man & I were witnesses to an accident between a semi truck and a dump truck on the highway. It was very, very scary, and I think my adrenaline is still recovering, almost 20 hours later. After nap, I strapped a very unhappy little guy into his car seat in my husband’s truck;… Continue reading Scary Accident

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We are in the path of potentially bad weather today. There has already been marble and golf ball sized hail not twelve miles from us. My meteorologist friend has suggested we find someplace with a basement for this afternoon. Having grown up in Indiana, severe weather is nothing new for me. But this morning, as… Continue reading Stuff

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Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block. I don’t know what to write. Somedays I think of grand ideas for posts… and then other days, I think, “Who wants to read about your boring daily life?”. So… tidbits. ***** Last week was rough, what with the death of a former student and all. She was only 12. I… Continue reading Writer’s Block