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7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

— 1 — Theoretically “spring” has arrived here in central Indiana. Today it is supposed to be 65*, and we will be outside. Next week, another polar vortex. I would just like to say, suck it, winter. — 2 — Apparently we are the only people on earth to have not seen some movie called… Continue reading 7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

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I’m starting to realize a lot of the disappointment I experience is in direct correlation to my unrealistic expectations. Okay, maybe not unrealistic, but not altogether grounded in reality. This week, thus far, has been one big exercise in adjusting my expectations to avoid abject disappointment. I am supposed to run a marathon on Saturday…in… Continue reading Disappointment

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Cutting Myself Some Slack

It has been a long week. Last week, Keith came home with a horrible cold/cough. I tried to let him sleep as late as possible each evening before work, and he spent most of the day Saturday in bed. He insisted, however, that we go to the Indy Boat, Sport and Travel Show. After a… Continue reading Cutting Myself Some Slack

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Facebook: I Just Can’t…

This is me being real. Just fair warning. I had to log off of Facebook last night and have Keith change my password. I am currently unaware of what my password is, and the only warning I gave was to my group of adoptive mom friends. I left them a message, because they are the… Continue reading Facebook: I Just Can’t…

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Dear Sleepless Mama

Dear Sleepless Mama, You? Are not alone. I know you feel so alone. Everywhere you turn you have friends and relatives telling you about their perfect children who slept through the night at 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months. And here you (we) are at almost 36 months and your (our) kiddo still wakes multiple… Continue reading Dear Sleepless Mama

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How are you, spiritually?

I got asked this question today. How are you, spiritually? I volunteer with a ministry at church headed up by a minister on staff who is a friend of mine. He was on staff at the seminary when I started twelve years ago. Shortly after Keith and I got married, and I moved away from… Continue reading How are you, spiritually?

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Mama’s a Germaphobe

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a germaphobe. And my germaphobia manifests itself in a very specific form: Emetophobia. Emetophobia: the fear of vomit and/or the fear of the act of vomiting. Specifically for me, it’s the fear of catching a stomach virus. “But Rachel,” I hear you saying, “nobody likes to vomit.”… Continue reading Mama’s a Germaphobe