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Why Am I Surprised?

God provides. And almost every time it happens, I am surprised. It is, yet again, -1 million degrees outside. Okay, maybe just -20 degrees. Not counting wind chill. But… Both of our 15+ year old cars start. Our furnace doesn’t even hesitate. Our pipes haven’t frozen or burst. Our house is warm(ish – we have… Continue reading Why Am I Surprised?

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Basketball and Big Bellies

Yesterday we were treated to a basketball game at Butler University. I graduated from there nearly fifteen years ago (gulp! gasp! ack!) and my parents have season tickets. Their seat neighbors were going to be unable to attend, so we got to go instead. We began in the West Gym (where I suffered such stupidity… Continue reading Basketball and Big Bellies

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A Little of This and a Little of That

Wow! It’s been almost a week since I posted something, and that was just pictures. I don’t want to become one of those blogs where I am too busy to post. I love hearing from others after they have adopted, and my hope is I am helping out one or two people with my blogging.… Continue reading A Little of This and a Little of That