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My Mom

I wrote my last post just over a month ago. In it, I talked about how Little Man had a random meltdown about how his Grammy, my mom, was going to die. Two weeks later she had a massive brain hemorrhage. And although my mom did not die, thank God, our lives have all profoundly… Continue reading My Mom

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Queen of the Nerds

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep one night. So I spent some time watching YouTube videos comparing different styles of planners and videos on how to better utilize my planner. The next morning, Keith declared me “queen of the nerds” for using my time in such a way 🙂 I said that because I… Continue reading Queen of the Nerds

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I’m trying to blog regularly, I really am. But I’m afraid that if I truly wrote what’s on my heart right this very minute, both of my readers would switch off their computers in disgust of my whiny self-pity. Keith and I had a discussion last night, again, about how life just seems so very… Continue reading Another

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7 QT: Really Bad Week Edition

1. My mother-in-law is in the hospital. 2. She has been there since last Friday. 3. She lives with one of his brothers, approximately thirty minutes from us. He knew she was in the hospital. He has visited her twice. In a week. In the hospital ten minutes from their house. 4. We found out… Continue reading 7 QT: Really Bad Week Edition

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Two Months Later…

I don’t really know how I miss two months at a time… April was really busy. And kind of blah. I don’t know if I was just dealing with seasonal depression issues or what. But now it’s May 🙂 And it’s cold again. Oh well. In April, Keith and I went to Cincinnati for a… Continue reading Two Months Later…

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Time Change Woes

Time changed Saturday night. Here in central Indiana, we “spring” forward one hour for daylight savings time in the spring, and “fall” back one hour in the fall. For an already sleep challenged child, this can spell disaster. Saturday nights are fairly difficult as is, because Keith is home. Because Keith works nights Monday through… Continue reading Time Change Woes

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I Missed February (aka: Four Might Kill Me)

Holy cow where has the time gone?!?!?! February was a rotten month. I wish I could say otherwise, but it was just plain rotten. The weather was mostly cold and snowy and cold and cold and sub-zero. Keith worked insane hours. He also turned forty in there, and was not too terribly happy about it.… Continue reading I Missed February (aka: Four Might Kill Me)

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Seven Quick Takes (#1)

#1 I have never participated in this before, but seeing as how I can’t seem to post on my own, I thought I would give this a try. #2 In the past six weeks, we have had to replace our water heater, the entire brake system in my 13 year old car (teenagers!), our computer,… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes (#1)

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Week One Recap

I cannot believe the first week of 2013 is already in the books! We have had quite the week. Sunday, we all overslept. Yes, Little Man slept until 8:45! He didn’t go to sleep Saturday night until 10:45, but slept all the way through. Since we aren’t used to Sunday morning church anymore, and because… Continue reading Week One Recap