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How God is Working Right Now

So late last summer a friend from Seminary called and offered me a teaching position at a small Bible college south of here. Initially I said no. I mean, I love being at home. We plan to homeschool. I miss teaching, sure, but I don’t miss “working” at all. But he persisted, and He persisted,… Continue reading How God is Working Right Now

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Why Am I Surprised?

God provides. And almost every time it happens, I am surprised. It is, yet again, -1 million degrees outside. Okay, maybe just -20 degrees. Not counting wind chill. But… Both of our 15+ year old cars start. Our furnace doesn’t even hesitate. Our pipes haven’t frozen or burst. Our house is warm(ish – we have… Continue reading Why Am I Surprised?

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7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 4)

— 1 — This has been a crazy week. We were camping last Saturday until Tuesday. We left on Tuesday for the three hour drive home and were about 25 cars back of a fatal accident. We sat for over an hour on the highway while the accident was dealt with. It was very sad.… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 4)

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This is How God Works!

Two weeks ago we had our furnace checked. It turns out the heat exchanger is cracked. I don’t know exactly what that does, but it’s cracked in two places and it could lead to a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. The furnace people (that we love and have used for years) explained that if the part… Continue reading This is How God Works!