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How God is Working Right Now

So late last summer a friend from Seminary called and offered me a teaching position at a small Bible college south of here.

Initially I said no. I mean, I love being at home. We plan to homeschool. I miss teaching, sure, but I don’t miss “working” at all. But he persisted, and He persisted, so I went and talked with him.

I start in August. God made it abundantly clear He wants me teaching. And because my word is “choose joy,” I just want to give God a little shout out and share some of the ways He has been working in my/our life recently:

*the new job I wasn’t seeking
*we found me a new SUV. Well, new to me. It’s a 2003 and belonged to DNR. Little Man is in heaven we now own a vehicle that was used by DNR. Best news is we paid cash for it.
*when we arrived home with said SUV, our neighbor bought Keith’s truck on the spot – better news!
*I spoke at a women’s banquet at a church last Saturday and had a ball
*tonight I get to meet four potential students, willing to drive halfway and meet me for dinner
*family have stepped up to keep Little Man one full, complete day each week while I teach. I mean, like 9am to 9pm.
*yesterday I hit a chunk of metal and popped a tire on my old car. But I got off the road and got my hysterical child and half-blind mother (dilated eyes + super sunny day) far off into the embankment without issue. The state police, AAA, and my husband rode to our rescue.
*I have fully recovered from bronchitis and was able to run two miles this morning (okay, so I walked up the one hill on today’s route and at one point so I didn’t choke while taking a drink)
*we have curriculum picked out for Little Man for the fall
*as overwhelming as planning college courses is (and I am planning 3), I seem to be keeping my head above water
*my mom had an eye appointment yesterday because of something odd her eye doctor noticed, but turns out it’s nothing serious

Praise God.

What is He doing in your life?

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