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This is How God Works!

Two weeks ago we had our furnace checked. It turns out the heat exchanger is cracked. I don’t know exactly what that does, but it’s cracked in two places and it could lead to a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. The furnace people (that we love and have used for years) explained that if the part is under warranty, it’ll be about $1200 to get it fixed, all said and done.

If it’s not under warranty, we’d be better off getting a new furnace. That would cost anywhere from $2000 – 8000.

We are now a one-income family. Yes, we have an emergency fund.  But we don’t have $8000.

So much praying ensues. I’m trying not to worry, because I know – I KNOW – God will provide.

It’s the how that stresses me out.


My husband is on the security team at our church. For the most part, this is a great group of guys. They love Jesus, they love the church, the adore their wives and children, they love our country. They’re a bunch of “good ole boys” who drive pick up trucks and hold blue collar jobs.

One of them is a heating/air specialist.

Keith tells him what is going on, mostly in passing. He sends Keith home with a list of things to look at on the furnace and tells him to text him the info.

Do you have chills yet? Can you see where this is heading?

This guy does a little research and finds out the part is under a 20 year warranty. He can get the new part. He can install it. He can do it this Saturday before it gets too much colder at night around here.

He can do it all said and done for $300.

And a few homemade pies 🙂

We have $300 in our emergency fund. I love to bake and feed people. And I happen to have a plethora of apples from another friend from last night’s small group.

This is how God works. In ways that you can’t even imagine. He takes things that are stressful – worrisome – expensive – difficult – and He heals them. He says, “Trust me.” And when you do? He fixes everything.

How great is our God!!

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