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Why Am I Surprised?

God provides. And almost every time it happens, I am surprised.

It is, yet again, -1 million degrees outside.

Okay, maybe just -20 degrees. Not counting wind chill.


Both of our 15+ year old cars start.

Our furnace doesn’t even hesitate.

Our pipes haven’t frozen or burst.

Our house is warm(ish – we have hardwood floors over a crawlspace. My feet are a tad icy).

Keith was off for two days because his terminal was closed. Two days with family. Two days without pay. But he shot a deer in November, so we have meat in the freezer, and because I coupon and bargain shop and save, our pantry and freezer were well stocked. I could slash my grocery budget by 2/3 last week. And we still ate every meal at home. No one is hungry.

We are healthy.

My washer and dryer still work (apparently in this kind of cold most people’s quit?).

I don’t have to take my son anywhere in this wicked cold weather,¬†because he isn’t enrolled in preschool or little league or karate or tumbling or anything else.

I don’t care that there is yet another two hour delay or snow day…because I actually like my child and being home with him.

I received a mileage check I wasn’t expecting, which helped cover Keith’s two days off.

We went to the bowling alley for Little Man’s birthday party, and as the woman at the counter was making me increasingly frustrated (because apparently the woman on the phone with whom I had dealt had not been entirely honest with me), the manager came over and offered me an even better deal, saving me over $50.

Which meant we got to go out to lunch the next day after church, a rare treat, and on a day I had a massive migraine and really didn’t want to cook!

We have completely and 100% switched churches (as in, we placed membership last week) and God has done nothing but affirm that decision in little ways over and over and over again.

Why am I always surprised? He shows up. Every time.

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