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The (myth of) Privilege of Stay at Home Motherhood

One of the loudest arguments feminists and egalitarians use against complementarians is the idea that being a stay-at-home wife or mother is a byproduct of privilege. In fact, during last week’s Twitter brou ha ha over the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s conference in Louisville, I saw that argument used over and over again:… Continue reading The (myth of) Privilege of Stay at Home Motherhood

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Piano Payment #4: Sean’s Mom’s Lasagna

When I first attended graduate school, it was at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was far from home for the first time, and I was enrolled in a brand new MFA program. There were four of us in the program, and since we spent about ninety ┬áhours a week together, we became fast… Continue reading Piano Payment #4: Sean’s Mom’s Lasagna

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Piano Payment #3: Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

Well. We missed three weeks of piano lessons in a row due to illness. Our teacher’s family had strep and the flu, then we had strep, then they had strep again. Finally, last week, we got to return to our normal schedule. Yay! Miss A said her kids are really enjoying my cooking, which is… Continue reading Piano Payment #3: Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

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Piano Payment #2: Beef Vegetable Soup

We had our second piano lesson last week. It makes me chuckle, because unlike gross motor skill things like soccer, this is proving to be…challenging for our young man. He is already frustrated that he cannot magically play the songs we sing at church! Anyway, I “paid” this week with beef vegetable soup and cornbread… Continue reading Piano Payment #2: Beef Vegetable Soup

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Piano Payment #1: Breakfast for Dinner

Little Man began piano lesson last week. We have been considering starting him in lessons, as he LOVES music, claims he wants to be a worship leader when he grows up, and he desperately wants to learn to play the guitar. I believe the first instrument any child should learn should be the piano, so… Continue reading Piano Payment #1: Breakfast for Dinner

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How God is Working Right Now

So late last summer a friend from Seminary called and offered me a teaching position at a small Bible college south of here. Initially I said no. I mean, I love being at home. We plan to homeschool. I miss teaching, sure, but I don’t miss “working” at all. But he persisted, and He persisted,… Continue reading How God is Working Right Now

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Why Am I Surprised?

God provides. And almost every time it happens, I am surprised. It is, yet again, -1 million degrees outside. Okay, maybe just -20 degrees. Not counting wind chill. But… Both of our 15+ year old cars start. Our furnace doesn’t even hesitate. Our pipes haven’t frozen or burst. Our house is warm(ish – we have… Continue reading Why Am I Surprised?

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Seven Quick Takes: 2014 vol. 1

  — 1 — Keith got a text at 7:00 pm on New Year’s Eve that he had to work New Year’s night. At 7:00 pm. So 24 hours away. And he’d slept all of three hours, since he’d assumed he’d actually be, you know, off, for the holiday. Let’s just say it sucked the… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes: 2014 vol. 1