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It’s February

It’s February. Historically, for me, this is the roughest month of the year. I struggle with the lack of sunshine, the frigid temperatures, and my anxiety is at its highest. I was hoping this year might be different, but it doesn’t seem to be 😦 But, I have some random things to say, so I… Continue reading It’s February

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Training Run Tuesday: January Wrap-Up: DON’T GIVE UP!

Well. I’m still running? 🙂 January was hard. Between Little Man being sick for about 8 days, my mother-in-law being in the hospital for 11 days (and those two things overlapped), a sudden death in the family that required an all-day cross-state trip for a funeral, and Keith’s wacky schedule…well… My goal was to run… Continue reading Training Run Tuesday: January Wrap-Up: DON’T GIVE UP!

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Training Run Tuesday (Edition #1)

I’m actually posting this a day late, so pretend it is yesterday. Last January, I decided once and for all I was tired of being overweight and out of shape. Little Man was running me ragged, and although I had immensely enjoyed my two stints with Team in Training, I felt like the slowest “runner”… Continue reading Training Run Tuesday (Edition #1)

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Two Months Later…

I don’t really know how I miss two months at a time… April was really busy. And kind of blah. I don’t know if I was just dealing with seasonal depression issues or what. But now it’s May 🙂 And it’s cold again. Oh well. In April, Keith and I went to Cincinnati for a… Continue reading Two Months Later…

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7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

— 1 — Theoretically “spring” has arrived here in central Indiana. Today it is supposed to be 65*, and we will be outside. Next week, another polar vortex. I would just like to say, suck it, winter. — 2 — Apparently we are the only people on earth to have not seen some movie called… Continue reading 7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

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2014: Choose Joy

My resolution, or goal, or one word, or what have you, for 2014 is “choose joy.” I have lost my joy. This was brought to my attention in a not insignificant way Monday morning, just as I was to leave the house for a much needed time away with God. I was going to go… Continue reading 2014: Choose Joy

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I’m starting to realize a lot of the disappointment I experience is in direct correlation to my unrealistic expectations. Okay, maybe not unrealistic, but not altogether grounded in reality. This week, thus far, has been one big exercise in adjusting my expectations to avoid abject disappointment. I am supposed to run a marathon on Saturday…in… Continue reading Disappointment