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7 QT: More Snow Edition


It’s going to snow here again today. Another measurable snow. Like 3-5″. This doesn’t include the fact that it has snowed almost every day this week. I would like to move somewhere warm, where it doesn’t snow 30+” before January is over every winter. Any ideas? Anyone want to trade houses for a few weeks? I’ll take your sunny warm temperatures and you can have this…this…blah gray weather.

It is starting to affect my mood. I have had SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the past. But not teaching the past few years has been beneficial; I could get out and about. But even I, self-proclaimed queen of the introverts, have about had enough of the walls of my little house. I need sunshine. And some sand would be nice. When I turn 40 (next year? holy cannoli, folks) I want sun and sand.

I took Little Man for his four year well visit. 44 1/2″ tall and 40 pounds. He’s a hoss!! But incredibly healthy. I went ahead and got his kindergarten vaccinations (even though we plan to homeschool AND we wouldn’t start kindergarten until 2016 at the earliest) and he just looked betrayed. There were no tears, but he kept saying, “That needle hurt!” For being so brave he got a reward donut on the way home, and then pretty much whatever he wanted the rest of the day (which was a second donut later and an orange crush at some point, so not too terribly much!).

The best part of the appointment? His doctor said he can start running with me. He always wants to go with me to run, but I wasn’t sure. So we will start with walking to the library and park (six-eight blocks away) and go from there. Yay! Now he can do the fun runs and get medals and bibs, too!

Not that I have been running much. See above. This weather is ick. Our neighborhood is still covered in snow, and Keith started his new routes at work. He hasn’t been getting home in time for me to go to the gym. Sigh, martyr, sigh. I need to suck it up and put LM in the daycare at the gym. But. Germs.

Ah, yes. January. Season of germs. My anxiety level has been okay, but not great. I am still pretty petrified of the germs and getting sick, though, so…that is challenging. I finally realized it’s like this: if you are afraid of planes, you avoid flying. If you are afraid of bridges, you avoid bridges (as much as possible). If you are afraid of the zoo, you avoid the zoo. But if you are afraid of vomit, well, there’s not much I can do to control other people’s poor hygiene. I can’t stop people from bringing their recently sick and STILL CONTAGIOUS FOR THREE DAYS children to church, the playground, the library, etc. I can’t stop the people who think, “Oh, I feel bad, but I only threw up once, so I’m okay” from running through the grocery store shedding particles of an infectious virus everywhere. So, it’s stressful. And gross. And if I think about it too much, I will never ever leave my house.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening around these parts. I meant to blog more, but this week kind of flew by. Pray for Marie as she’s expecting Baby Titus (gender unknown, but a cute nickname!). And pray for Sara. She is expecting a baby in two weeks and her husband lost his job last week. I can’t imagine that kind of stress. Plus, she’s a fellow emet at this time of year! That kind of stress I can imagine!! Blessings!

One thought on “7 QT: More Snow Edition

  1. HA! I'm with you on the germs. We stay home as much as possible for this reason. (And I fear driving over bridges with water underneath, too. Funny you should mention both that bother me!)


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