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Ice Day Fun

We have been trapped in our house since Monday night.

Okay, trapped may be a little dramatic.

But, still – inches of ice all over EVERYTHING. It’s beautiful, but cold.

Keith worked last night. He awoke this morning to me, nagging him to get. me. out. of. this. house. before. I. go. in. sane.

So he got our back gate open (which means my car can leave the garage) and took me and the boy out to lunch.


But now we’re home again. Little Man just woke up from a nap. He’s had a snack and some milk. So what do I do with him now?

All week I’ve been pondering this question. What do we do? We don’t have cable, so there aren’t fun age-appropriate shows on all day. He doesn’t yet have the “let’s pretend” imagination capabilities (well, he might, but communication would be an issue). I can’t whip up fun crafts like my friends who have older kids.

I tried coloring. He was more interested in eating the crayons and ripping the paper apart.

So I thought maybe he’d like to fingerpaint! I’d use butterscotch pudding, because I don’t like it, and, if he eats it, then, oh, well.


Ha ha ha, mama!!

I haven’t seen that kid shovel food into his mouth so fast since he discovered chicken & noodles.

So I give you our fingerpainting session today:

2 thoughts on “Ice Day Fun

  1. Nice fingerpainting!:) How about “swimming” in the bathtub together with your suits on or playing hide and seek/calling to him from another room? Sometimes I give K a wipe and she seriously starts following me around while I'm dusting, wiping things down:) That's all I've got:)


  2. Hmm, what did we do to pass the time when R was younger? We read quite a bit. Played with blocks or trucks or whatever he wanted to put in his mouth. But mostly reading, I think!


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