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Why I Have Hymns on My Phone

Today I am over at Satisfaction Through Christ, writing about the importance of hymns. I believe that the music we sing informs our theology in a very important way, and I am forever grateful that the church I grew up in took that seriously. When a significant crisis hit my life a year ago, those… Continue reading Why I Have Hymns on My Phone

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Having No Spiritual Heritage

My husband and I do not come from strong faith backgrounds. What I mean by that is this: there are not generations of Christians standing behind us in our families. We do not have a lineage of believers – a string of saints that have gone before us to pave a path for us. Our… Continue reading Having No Spiritual Heritage

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Lord, teach me…

Last Thursday morning, my alarm went off super early. It was in the form of our dog wanting to go outsideĀ at 4amĀ for no other reason than to get a treat when she came back in. This came after our son stayed up late, and was followed by the kitten wanting to play leapfrog from our… Continue reading Lord, teach me…

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Mommy? What is slavery?

Last Thursday was our first day back to our Classical Conversations Community after winter break. It was a crazy day, and it ended with a visit to a friend we hadn’t seen in a while, homemade pizza, and the Little Man and I both crashing by 8:30. Part of CC is learning a timeline of… Continue reading Mommy? What is slavery?

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Christmas is (not) My Favorite

  Christmas was…survived. It has been a tough year, 2015. My little family of three is looking forward to ringing in 2016 with our new-as-of-last-year tradition of root beer floats and appetizers, and desperately praying for a better year. We did our traditional four gifts. I’m not going to lie: it was much harder this… Continue reading Christmas is (not) My Favorite

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Murder & White Privilege

Last week, a pregnant woman was shot in the head, and killed, in her own home, in Indianapolis. It occurred during a home invasion. She was certainly not the only murder victim in Indy last week, but if you judged by media reports and the way the police department press releases read, you’d think she’d… Continue reading Murder & White Privilege

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I Will Follow

I should probably preface this with two statements: 1) I will be forty in, now, less than one month. 2) That doesn’t really bother me, except…infertility is banging on my heart again like it has nothing better to do every.single.moment of So. This morning at church we sang a new song. I mean, I… Continue reading I Will Follow