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Mommy? What is slavery?

Last Thursday was our first day back to our Classical Conversations Community after winter break. It was a crazy day, and it ended with a visit to a friend we hadn’t seen in a while, homemade pizza, and the Little Man and I both crashing by 8:30. Part of CC is learning a timeline of… Continue reading Mommy? What is slavery?

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Murder & White Privilege

Last week, a pregnant woman was shot in the head, and killed, in her own home, in Indianapolis. It occurred during a home invasion. She was certainly not the only murder victim in Indy last week, but if you judged by media reports and the way the police department press releases read, you’d think she’d… Continue reading Murder & White Privilege

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What I Worry About: Racism

Parenthood is full of things that cause fear and worry. It begins with in utero concerns and moves to possible birth trauma. Then you worry about SIDS, formula vs. breastmilk, organic vs. traditional foods, speech development, childhood diseases, fatal childhood trauma, kidnapping, pedophiles, etc. Parents then turn their concerns over to things like bullying, drug… Continue reading What I Worry About: Racism

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Doesn’t Happen to Us?

I read a ton of blogs. Seriously, my bookmark list is a mile long (someone, please, teach me about RSS feeds. Please). I read a diverse group of blogs, but a large number of them are, of course, adoption related. I read adoptee blogs, adoptive parent blogs, birthparent blogs, and transracial family blogs. It’s that… Continue reading Doesn’t Happen to Us?

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Lately I have noticed an increase in adoptive parents talking about drama. Whether it’s remarks made by family, friends or strangers, many adoptive parents I know have found themselves in situations lately where they aren’t quite sure how to respond. The default response seems to be… anger is perhaps too strong a word, but… well,… Continue reading Drama

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16 Months Old

Dearest Son, Today you are sixteen months old. It is so hard for me to believe that this much time has passed since your birth; it has flown by so quickly! I think the best way to sum you up is by quoting what a grandmother at the playground said to me today: “You certainly… Continue reading 16 Months Old

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Book Review: Growing Up Black In White

I love this book. I have waited a long time to read this book. I first heard about it last year, I think soon after it had been published. However, being on a strict “no buying books” diet, I tried over and over to get it through inter library loan (since our library didn’t have… Continue reading Book Review: Growing Up Black In White