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Christmas is (not) My Favorite


Christmas was…survived. It has been a tough year, 2015. My little family of three is looking forward to ringing in 2016 with our new-as-of-last-year tradition of root beer floats and appetizers, and desperately praying for a better year.
We did our traditional four gifts. I’m not going to lie: it was much harder this year to stick to it. After our year, I wanted to give him everything. Interestingly, in late November, social media memes began popping up everywhere encouraging parents to only give four gifts. I was kind of amused at the number of friends I had who thought this was BRAND NEW INFORMATION, and that you didn’t have to spend gazillions of dollars at Christmas. Further complicating our four gift limit was Little Man’s sudden and deep obsession with Santa Claus.
We’ve never “done Santa” at our house, although he’s “met” Santa every year at the library and the children’s museum. But I broke my foot in November, and, yes, technically, it was his fault. This has brought major difficulty to our family (I can’t drive, and haven’t since Nov. 2, there have been a series of casts, braces, crutches, pain meds, etc). Even though Keith and I had explained over and over and over that accidents happen, Little Man was convinced he wasn’t getting Christmas presents because he’d broken my foot.
And we watched “Elf” eleven billion times. (hence when we did finally get to see Santa on Dec. 20, he wanted to say, “You sit on a throne of lies.” Funny! But, no.)
Anyway…Christmas morning arrived, and there were four gifts under the tree from us. He was exceptionally grateful and excited for all of them, and then, lo and behold, there was even a small nerf gun from Santa. Then all three of my parents and my crazy aunt came over. We had a nice breakfast, some family time, and then some quiet. We also had some friends come over Xmas Eve & Day; her hubby is a pilot and was gone. The boys played video games and nerf wars together to burn some energy!! It was fun to spend the holiday with people we chose 🙂
I didn’t take a single picture. I was already annoyed (see my previous post) at the people who apparently make their kids open a present, pose for a photo, upload it to Instagram, and repeat the process all. bloody. week. from Xmas eve pajamas through spending gift money at the mall. Plus, there were a number of “I’m writing this post to show that I’m a good person and I feel bad for people who are sad/lonely/alone this holiday season,” while I’m well aware they certainly didn’t open their homes to non-family or the people who were sad/lonely/alone.
(yes, I’m bitter and judgmental, currently, especially when people’s talks don’t match their walks)
But this year, I was ready to take down the tree and decorations, sweep out the old, and bring in the new. We’re working on our lists of goals for 2016, our travel plans, things we want to improve and learn and do and see…
Here’s to praying that 2016 is a bit smoother than 2015 was!

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