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Murder & White Privilege

Last week, a pregnant woman was shot in the head, and killed, in her own home, in Indianapolis. It occurred during a home invasion. She was certainly not the only murder victim in Indy last week, but if you judged by media reports and the way the police department press releases read, you’d think she’d… Continue reading Murder & White Privilege

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This was my “to do” list on Tuesday. You can see by the lack of a check mark next to it that I didn’t complete the task. I have a few pairs of footie pajamas for Little Man that his toes poke through that I need to fix, a few buttons to replace, the drawstring… Continue reading Mending

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I Just… (sorta Theology Thursday)

Okay. I just don’t get this whole “women should always support other women” nonsense. I mean, if you’re making really stupid decisions, or sinning grievously, or being an a#* in general, why should I support you simply because we share a similar set of sexual organs? I am so tired of being told I should… Continue reading I Just… (sorta Theology Thursday)

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I. am. exhausted. I had heard of “the sandwich generation,” and I vaguely realized that someday I would be a part of it. But I had no idea that I would become part of said generation in an instant, or how devastating the impact would be on me and my family. I had also heard… Continue reading Struggling

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Angry at God and Infertility

I am angry at God. Read my crisis in faith post from last month. I have been angry because Little Man is still having sleep issues. Sunday at church our worship pastor preached. I got more out of his sermon than any other sermon I’ve heard in the past six months. Here is what I… Continue reading Angry at God and Infertility