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Snopocalypse 2012

We have a good friend who is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service here in Indy. Saturday night at church, she told us that we were in for some serious snowy weather come Christmas night. On Sunday we hit up the grocery store for the last few items we needed to host Christmas day… Continue reading Snopocalypse 2012

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Our life (lives?) is (are?) insane lately. Last week my husband worked 62 hours. He left the house before 6am every day and got home in time for bedtime. Not family dinner….not bath time….bedtime. Both the boy and I are having withdrawal symptoms. This week isn’t shaping up much better. I am eternally grateful my… Continue reading Insane

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Sleep Issues: Toddler Sleep Study

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the pediatric sleep clinic called to schedule Little Man’s sleep study. The ENT office had said to give it a week. Imagine my further surprise when the scheduler said, “We actually had a cancellation for tonight.” We’ll take it. That was about 11am yesterday. We were to be at the… Continue reading Sleep Issues: Toddler Sleep Study

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Fulfillment vs Feedback

I used to be a middle school teacher. I interacted with about 150 students and a dozen or so staff members five days a week, nine months of the year. I love teaching. Early on in my teaching career, however, I realized I am the type of person that needs feedback¬†– a lot of it.… Continue reading Fulfillment vs Feedback

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Today, I…

washed, dried, folded and put away four loads of laundry made strawberry jam and raspberry jam had a new friend and her daughter over to play intentionally worked on nurturing that fledgling friendship ate leftover salad out of the giant salad bowl washed dishes. twice. sat with my toddler in my lap for 45 minutes… Continue reading Today, I…

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I Suck at Blogging

It’s a time thing. And I think my life is fairly boring… I have been cooking and cleaning and taking care of my kiddo and my hubby. I have not been blogging (obviously), watching much television or anything alone. My son has a love affair with our vacuum. Wish he would actually sweep the floors!… Continue reading I Suck at Blogging

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16 Months Old

Dearest Son, Today you are sixteen months old. It is so hard for me to believe that this much time has passed since your birth; it has flown by so quickly! I think the best way to sum you up is by quoting what a grandmother at the playground said to me today: “You certainly… Continue reading 16 Months Old

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And We’re Back…

Did you notice we’ve been missing for over a week? I have – I have certainly missed blogging. But here is a typical day in our household lately: 5:00 am – Keith’s alarm goes off & he gets up to get ready 5:15 am – Little Man wakes up, because the bathroom door opens into… Continue reading And We’re Back…