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Friday Free for All #1

I would say TGIF, but we have a super busy weekend. Being a SAHM, I try with all my might to protect our weekends so that we have uninterrupted family time as much as possible. This weekend…not so much. It will make for a somewhat stressful weekend, if I don’t watch my heart and my… Continue reading Friday Free for All #1

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7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

— 1 — Theoretically “spring” has arrived here in central Indiana. Today it is supposed to be 65*, and we will be outside. Next week, another polar vortex. I would just like to say, suck it, winter. — 2 — Apparently we are the only people on earth to have not seen some movie called… Continue reading 7 QT – Spring? Edition (with "profanity")

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Lent (a day late) (now, updated)

Lent started yesterday, with Ash Wednesday. Having grown up in the Independent Christian Church since the age of three, Lent isn’t something I have always practiced. In college I used to joke I was giving up Lent for Lent, or giving up lint for Lent, or drinking (which I didn’t do). It just wasn’t something… Continue reading Lent (a day late) (now, updated)