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Friday Free for All #1

I would say TGIF, but we have a super busy weekend. Being a SAHM, I try with all my might to protect our weekends so that we have uninterrupted family time as much as possible. This weekend…not so much. It will make for a somewhat stressful weekend, if I don’t watch my heart and my attitude going into it.

Tonight our church is hosting a Tim Tebow Night to Shine. I get to volunteer on the technical side of things. My background is in technical theatre; I’m not sure exactly yet what I’m doing tonight – something about producing, running videos & cameras, and making sure the technical aspects go off on time. But I am super excited I get to serve in that capacity.

Tomorrow I have a meeting for CC, and then it’s my turn to run the light board at church all weekend. We have one service on Saturday evenings and two on Sundays. Sunday, Keith will run a camera for our online services, and then we have our homegroup Sunday afternoon. And as it’s apparently supposed to snow 4″ Sunday night, I suppose I need to find time in there to pick up a gallon of milk!

I’m not writing to particularly share my schedule – ha ha. I thought I’d share some links of some good things I’ve read this week:

free for all

About Lent:

I don’t practice Lent, for many reasons about which I hope to write soon. But here is a solid academic article about the history of Lent, and how it had absolutely no biblical origins.

Entreating Favor gives five reasons not to practice Lent, explaining how the evangelical church is turning it into a social media brag-off (see, especially, point #2).

Deb wrote this, which I found very to-the-point: “Yet something about a Protestant observing this tradition strikes me as being off-base. Instead of abstaining from a favorite food or hobby for 40 days (not counting Sundays), why not live in obedience to the Lord throughout the year?”.

About Other Things:

Elizabeth Prata has written many good posts this week, but I especially liked this one about words having meaning. In this day and age, it is important to understand that words have specific meanings, especially when it comes to your faith.

We sang a new song in worship last week that I really did not enjoy. Then this popped up in my facebook feed. Adam 4d nailed it, IMHO.

Finally, Aimee Byrd at the Housewife Theologian wrote a fantastic piece on how to confront people who maybe need a little, um, help, in the area of discernment. Since I’m guilty of whacking people over the head with words, I found this…challenging in a very good way!

Happy Reading! Enjoy your weekend!



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