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Lent begins tomorrow. I have explained before that I grew up in the Evangelical Christian church, and we don’t particularly observe Lent. I think we try to focus on Christ’s sacrifice year-round, and not just the forty days prior to Easter. I mean, we talk about the crucifixion and resurrection all the time; it’s the whole point of our Faith. Salvation is found in the Easter message, so why only share it once a year?


I am, however, drawn to the ideas of Lent, but not so much the sacrifice aspect as the addition aspect. I think this year I will try a bit of both.

My goals for Lent:

1) Pray for my husband every day, and not self-serving prayers. If I have to explain that, you’re probably not really married 🙂  I have a great husband, I really do, but I have found that lately I am not praying for him so much as I am praying for US or for him in such a way that would actually benefit me. That’s sort of selfish. Okay. That’s actually really selfish. So, forty days of praying just for him.

2) Lay off the screens. As in, if anyone else is awake and needs/wants/should have my attention, I am not focused on anything else. No phone, computer, television, ipad, etc. The only exceptions to that: using it for recipes in the kitchen (my ipad has become my #1 cookbook) and my daily devotional is an email and I need the email to guide my reading. But that takes like 15 minutes, and I probably shouldn’t do that while the kiddo is around, anyway.

My former church is actually offering Lenten services, complete with child care, but I don’t know that I can attend them. First, they are in the evenings and A) gotta get Keith out the door to work, and B) Little Man has been skipping naps and going to bed about halfway through when the services would be over. I’m not sure I can, in good conscience, attend the services and subject either him or the childcare workers to that. I mean, selfishly, sure, I would LOVE to do that. But I don’t think it’s the right choice.

So that’s what’s happening around here, hopefully, for the next forty days!! How about you?

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