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Snopocalypse 2012

We have a good friend who is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service here in Indy. Saturday night at church, she told us that we were in for some serious snowy weather come Christmas night.

On Sunday we hit up the grocery store for the last few items we needed to host Christmas day and a gallon of milk, just in case.

Yesterday, the snow started to fall about 8 am. Within a matter of hours, we got over 7″ of snow, the roads became impassable and there were whiteout conditions. I couldn’t even see across the street or next door to the neighbors.

Keith slept all day, but his terminal was closed by 11am, and he was called off work at 4:30 pm (thank God he didn’t have to drive in this stuff).

So he got up and took the kiddo outside to play shovel the driveway.

This was the first real snow Little Man has ever seen. Last year we got snow on one day, and it was less than 2″. He was super excited.

Also, he doesn’t have snow gear… but he was wearing long johns, overalls, two sweatshirts, a stocking cap (that proclaims him a half marathon finisher!), and gloves.

Happy to be shoveling snow!
Following along after Daddy. Lucy gets in on the action, too!

A boy and his dog!
Daddy aiming the snow blower the wrong way! What I wish you could hear were the squeals of absolute delight that Daddy made it snow on him!!
Wrapped in a towel warm from the dryer!

When Little Man gets cold, he gets very upset (especially if wet). I was prepared! He came in, I stripped him in the kitchen, down to his long john t-shirt and swooped him up with a very warm beach towel. He loved cuddling in the warm towel.

I wrapped him in a second towel and he watched Mater while I made soup & grilled cheese for dinner. It was a pretty awesome day after Christmas 🙂

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