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Red Dye Wreckage

I am sorry I have disappeared! Last Thursday our son, who is normally the pinnacle of health, praise God, was diagnosed with strep throat. It threw a kink into everything, especially when he was given amoxicillian as the treatment. Little Man has a sensitivity to food dyes. We know this, so we just simply avoid… Continue reading Red Dye Wreckage

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Seven Quick Takes: Post-Holidays Decompression Edition

-1- For Christmas we did four gifts for each other: something you want, something you need, something to play with, and something to read. We got Little Man a set of die cast Blue Angel airplanes (his current obsession after seeing them at an air show in Detroit this past fall), a book and DVD… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes: Post-Holidays Decompression Edition

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Time Change Woes

Time changed Saturday night. Here in central Indiana, we “spring” forward one hour for daylight savings time in the spring, and “fall” back one hour in the fall. For an already sleep challenged child, this can spell disaster. Saturday nights are fairly difficult as is, because Keith is home. Because Keith works nights Monday through… Continue reading Time Change Woes

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True Life

This is our life, currently. We leave for vacation on Monday. The water heater started leaking last night and we discovered it this evening. The plumber comes tomorrow. Our cat has two nights left before her one way trip to the vet. She is very sick and old, and her quality of life is very… Continue reading True Life

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Random ventings from Rachel: * I am sick over what happened in Boston. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I am a runner. There is no other community as loving, encouraging and accepting as the running community. The 6 minute milers don’t care that I do a 12-15 minute mile…they just care… Continue reading Vent

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Week One Recap

I cannot believe the first week of 2013 is already in the books! We have had quite the week. Sunday, we all overslept. Yes, Little Man slept until 8:45! He didn’t go to sleep Saturday night until 10:45, but slept all the way through. Since we aren’t used to Sunday morning church anymore, and because… Continue reading Week One Recap

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Dear Sleepless Mama

Dear Sleepless Mama, You? Are not alone. I know you feel so alone. Everywhere you turn you have friends and relatives telling you about their perfect children who slept through the night at 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months. And here you (we) are at almost 36 months and your (our) kiddo still wakes multiple… Continue reading Dear Sleepless Mama

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Night Shift Blues

Keith started working nights in June. He now leaves for work at 7:30 pm and comes home some time in the morning, usually (*hopefully*) before we wake up. It doesn’t always work that way…this week at least once he got called at 6:30 pm not to come in until 10:30, and then he didn’t get… Continue reading Night Shift Blues