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Target, Jen Hatmaker & Matthew 7

I have never particularly enjoyed shopping at Target. I know that disqualifies me from some sort of secret stay-at-home motherhood club (I don’t like wine, either, though, so…whatever). I have never strolled through the aisle of the bright red store, sipping a Starbucks, while my child munches on popcorn. So I doubt they will miss… Continue reading Target, Jen Hatmaker & Matthew 7

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Facebook, Narcissism, & Philippians 2

  I have never been “popular.” Throughout school, I had friends, sure, but I certainly was never high up in the ranks with the rich kids, the cheerleaders, or the prom queen types. I had a core group with whom I ran around, and I even eventually married one of them 🙂   In college… Continue reading Facebook, Narcissism, & Philippians 2

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Integrity in a Facebook "Friends" World

“But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes ‘ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil”  (Matthew 5:37, New American Standard Version).   This was our memory verse last week in my Bible study. It’s one that I had memorized before, and one that I hold in very high esteem. I think this concept,… Continue reading Integrity in a Facebook "Friends" World

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Random ventings from Rachel: * I am sick over what happened in Boston. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I am a runner. There is no other community as loving, encouraging and accepting as the running community. The 6 minute milers don’t care that I do a 12-15 minute mile…they just care… Continue reading Vent

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Facebook: I Just Can’t…

This is me being real. Just fair warning. I had to log off of Facebook last night and have Keith change my password. I am currently unaware of what my password is, and the only warning I gave was to my group of adoptive mom friends. I left them a message, because they are the… Continue reading Facebook: I Just Can’t…