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Little Man turned five yesterday. I can’t hardly believe it myself. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. I remember walking out of the elevator, wondering why no one was even questioning why I would be carrying an obvious newborn in a car seat out the main doors. I remember,… Continue reading Five.

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I Missed February (aka: Four Might Kill Me)

Holy cow where has the time gone?!?!?! February was a rotten month. I wish I could say otherwise, but it was just plain rotten. The weather was mostly cold and snowy and cold and cold and sub-zero. Keith worked insane hours. He also turned forty in there, and was not too terribly happy about it.… Continue reading I Missed February (aka: Four Might Kill Me)

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Seven Quick Takes: Melancholy Birthday Edition

— 1 — Tomorrow Little Man will be four. Four. 4. Maybe if I say it, type it, repeat it enough, I will believe it. I mean, it was like yesterday I was waiting on pins and needles for the phone call. — 2 — But here it is. Four years later. All he wants… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes: Melancholy Birthday Edition

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Random ventings from Rachel: * I am sick over what happened in Boston. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I am a runner. There is no other community as loving, encouraging and accepting as the running community. The 6 minute milers don’t care that I do a 12-15 minute mile…they just care… Continue reading Vent

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Today As An Adoptive Mom

You know, most days, I am just Little Man’s mom. We do normal stuff. He calls me “mommy,” we go to the zoo, we watch Sesame Street. It’s not that I forget that he was adopted, but it’s not on the top of my list of things I think about. But today…oh, today. First, in… Continue reading Today As An Adoptive Mom

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Things on My Mind Lately

* When Little Man expresses his developing temper, I wonder if this is: A) his personality developing, B) an adoption thing or C) normal toddler behavior. He pulls at his clothes, he smacks away our hands, he throws himself on the ground and cries… * I often wonder how much he “gets” about being adopted.… Continue reading Things on My Mind Lately

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Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

Tuesday was Little Man’s first birthday. Keith had planned to take the day off so we could go to the local children’s museum. Then we were going to take dinner and cupcakes over to a friend’s house, because she and her girls cannot attend his big birthday bash on Saturday. The day dawned yucky. Lots… Continue reading Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

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Different, but not Less Valid

Monday was a rough day in our household. I caught a terrible cold that came on suddenly after Sunday church services and ran roughshod over me until sometime Wednesday. But Monday was the worst. I was cold, achy, sneezy – everything NyQuil promises to eradicate. The worst part, though, is that I was dizzy. So… Continue reading Different, but not Less Valid