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Red Dye Wreckage

I am sorry I have disappeared! Last Thursday our son, who is normally the pinnacle of health, praise God, was diagnosed with strep throat. It threw a kink into everything, especially when he was given amoxicillian as the treatment. Little Man has a sensitivity to food dyes. We know this, so we just simply avoid… Continue reading Red Dye Wreckage

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Little Man turned five yesterday. I can’t hardly believe it myself. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. I remember walking out of the elevator, wondering why no one was even questioning why I would be carrying an obvious newborn in a car seat out the main doors. I remember,… Continue reading Five.

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Cutting Myself Some Slack

It has been a long week. Last week, Keith came home with a horrible cold/cough. I tried to let him sleep as late as possible each evening before work, and he spent most of the day Saturday in bed. He insisted, however, that we go to the Indy Boat, Sport and Travel Show. After a… Continue reading Cutting Myself Some Slack

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The One in Which I Throw a Pity Party

I’m going to whine; I am going to throw myself a pity party. Feel free to read and then throw your own party in the comments, or skip ahead straight to the comments and whine away. My husband has (undiagnosed because the doc won’t see him until tomorrow afternoon) influenza. I have had a weather… Continue reading The One in Which I Throw a Pity Party

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Mama’s a Germaphobe

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a germaphobe. And my germaphobia manifests itself in a very specific form: Emetophobia. Emetophobia: the fear of vomit and/or the fear of the act of vomiting. Specifically for me, it’s the fear of catching a stomach virus. “But Rachel,” I hear you saying, “nobody likes to vomit.”… Continue reading Mama’s a Germaphobe

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Random Sick Day Ramblings

Although, mamas don’t get sick days. However, I have spent the better part of the past two days curled up under blankets allowing Little Man to watch as much Veggie Tales as both of us can stand. It started Monday afternoon when the kid came down with a 102* fever after nap. Things just went… Continue reading Random Sick Day Ramblings