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Seven Quick Takes (#1)

#1 I have never participated in this before, but seeing as how I can’t seem to post on my own, I thought I would give this a try. #2 In the past six weeks, we have had to replace our water heater, the entire brake system in my 13 year old car (teenagers!), our computer,… Continue reading Seven Quick Takes (#1)

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Random ventings from Rachel: * I am sick over what happened in Boston. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I am a runner. There is no other community as loving, encouraging and accepting as the running community. The 6 minute milers don’t care that I do a 12-15 minute mile…they just care… Continue reading Vent

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Night Shift Blues

Keith started working nights in June. He now leaves for work at 7:30 pm and comes home some time in the morning, usually (*hopefully*) before we wake up. It doesn’t always work that way…this week at least once he got called at 6:30 pm not to come in until 10:30, and then he didn’t get… Continue reading Night Shift Blues

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It’s Been Six Weeks…

It has been six weeks since I looked at this blog for any reason other than seeing who had written (really need to figure out a reader or RSS feed… ). Keith started working nights four weeks ago, and I cannot exclaim loudly enough how great it has been for our family. And me. And… Continue reading It’s Been Six Weeks…