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Red Dye Wreckage

I am sorry I have disappeared! Last Thursday our son, who is normally the pinnacle of health, praise God, was diagnosed with strep throat. It threw a kink into everything, especially when he was given amoxicillian as the treatment.


Little Man has a sensitivity to food dyes. We know this, so we just simply avoid them as much as possible. I shop at Aldi, mostly, so because their brands don’t contain artificial dye, I don’t worry about. He doesn’t eat a lot of candy, drink juice or soda, or eat a ton of junk, so dyes aren’t something we concern ourselves with on a regular basis.

Three doses of pink-colored bubble-gum-flavored amoxicillin in, and he was literally vibrating. We were at the grocery store, and he was almost unmanageable. I said, “What on earth is your problem?” And then it clicked in my head.

Massive amounts of red dye in less than 24 hours.


I called the pharmacy, but they would have had to special order in dye-free amoxicillin, and the other antibiotic the doctor would’ve used he is allergic to. So it’s been ten days of sleeping an interrupted 8 hours at night (if we’re lucky), bouncing off the walls, moodiness in all forms, mostly staying at home so as not to inflict our behavior upon anyone else, and two breakdowns on Mommy’s part.

I have a list of things I want to blog about, but, hey, priorities.

In the meantime, I’ve joined Twitter (bwahahahahahahaha). You can find me @danielthree18. I’m not great at it, but it’s super fun, when I have time to click on and play around. But I’d love to connect!

He just took the last swig of medicine this morning. Yay!! So hopefully by Monday the dye will be out of his system and I can resume my regular (but yet still sporadic) schedule of blogging!

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