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Random ventings from Rachel:

* I am sick over what happened in Boston. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I am a runner. There is no other community as loving, encouraging and accepting as the running community. The 6 minute milers don’t care that I do a 12-15 minute mile…they just care that I am there. So I, along with hundreds of others on Facebook, have declared that we will run 26.2 miles for Boston in the next month. Want to join? Search for 26.2 for Boston on Facebook and add yourself.

* speaking of Facebook…I just can’t some days. The things people post make me question their love for others, their love for Jesus and whether anyone I know retains any kind of critical thinking skills whatsoever.

* I want a baby. Not really news, but part of my vent.

* I took care of a friend’s 2 year old and 4 month old yesterday, along with my own 3 year old. She had emergency surgery late Monday night. I also cleaned part of her house and took care of her husband as well. I was exhausted last night!! But I still want more children.

* an online friend had a tragic loss in her life last week, and I was clueless how to respond. I just prayed for her, but didn’t have the words.

* I am suffering a severe case (well, multiple cases, actually) of envy. Basically I envy everyone I know something about their life. Logically I realize this is ridiculous, but in reality…it’s probably another reason to ignore Facebook. People only present what they want others to know, and rarely is it a gory detail about their real life.

* sometimes I feel like I am “just” a wife and “just” a mother…not important, not necessary, not contributing to much. Am I alone there?

* I actually ran over a mile without stopping yesterday!! But today my upper legs are yelling at me 🙂

* I have a 19 year old “foster” brother. He’s not really either my brother or a foster child (having aged out of any potential help), but he has moved in with my dad and stepmom. N loooooooooves him (we all do) and I love seeing their interactions!! Oh, and he approved my hair and skin care routine for N. Whoo hoo!

* mom….stop feeling sad. None of these things are your fault 🙂

* I/we really want to go camping, but between weather and Keith’s night schedule, that is proving way more difficult this season than ever before

* N is asking all sorts of questions about his story. I love it, but I so wish our adoption was open.

* Sleep disorders still totally suck.

* what do you need to vent about? Leave it in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Vent

  1. Since you asked…;)

    I agree with your FB comments. I feel the same…and when people's wackiness starts affecting my mood, I stop reading my new feed. For a while.

    I am feeling envy toward women who have tons of playdates and schedules. Because I have neither. But I am trying to live by “go first” lately…ask first, speak first, apologize first, etc. It has seemed to help me a little.

    I am getting so frustrated with people who don't do their jobs…namely, the run-around I'm getting about K's speech therapy. JUST SCHEDULE THE FREAKING TEST ALREADY!!! I got another vague reply from someone today…spinning my wheels here. Reminding myself that God's already there.

    NO you are not alone in “just” being a wife and mother. I have my moments, FOR SURE.

    We are researching our next adoption…not because we can afford it. But because we want another baby. So yeah…totally out of our hands. K is a FULL TIME job, but like you…I want a baby. So there you go.


  2. THANKS FOR SHARING ALL THESE THINGS!!! I feel like I could write a very, very similar vent. And sleep issues to top it off? Whew! That's tough. I'm so glad I found your blog. I think your sweet boy's name is Nathaniel, and so is ours! 🙂


  3. I just shared a link on my facebook about the importance that kids place on their instagrams and the # they get. Really made me think about how I view myself through my facebook. Will be doing some thinking on this topic.

    I had to come to terms with sharing the not so pretty because of the same thing. I'd see the perfect that others would share. House in perfect order in every picture. Things lined up just so and then I'd look around me and see the piles and the chaos. Had to learn that my chaos is our life and I love our life.

    Very cool that he approves of your hair and skin care. Feels so good even though you already knew you were doing a good job.


  4. struggling with the 'just' and wife/ 'just' a mother feelings too.

    And I want to vent that I am so ready to get back in shape because none of my clothes fit right now but I'm getting no sleep with my kid up all through the night and I am literally exhausted with zero energy to spare to work out. I feel like I am only making it through the day with copious amounts of chocolate…which makes my pants not fit. It's a vicious cycle. 🙂 Hugs to you today


  5. Hmm…venting…well, where do I start…hee, hee. No, really, I have done enough of that on my own blog. But, in regards to the facebook thing – I just finally did something about that today, yeah, me!! Speaking of facebook – can I be your friend? Because I actually think you would be fun to have as a friend, but maybe you think differently. Hee, hee. You can look me up by my e-mail address gaudium77 at gmail.com if you so desire.

    Oh, and your most recent comment on my blog – it made me grin. You know your opinion and comments are always welcome. Gasp – most of my extended family (my side) are Protestants. Who knew? 😉

    God Bless and I liked reading your vent list!! -Marie


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