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Theology Thursday: Sex, Shrimp, and OT Law

So, you see, while Jesus may not have specifically said, “Thou shall not…” in a red letter edition of the New Testament, Jesus is God. Jesus and the Father are one. If you know and love Jesus, you know and love the Father. “But Jesus never said” is not an excuse for any sin, period.

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Night Shift Blues

Keith started working nights in June. He now leaves for work at 7:30 pm and comes home some time in the morning, usually (*hopefully*) before we wake up. It doesn’t always work that way…this week at least once he got called at 6:30 pm not to come in until 10:30, and then he didn’t get… Continue reading Night Shift Blues

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The Disconnect – Updated

Disclaimer #1: If you don’t have a biblical worldview, you will disagree with everything I am about to post. Therefore, since we start at different points of view, arguing is pointless. (said worldview being this: sex is for marriage. period. end of discussion.) Disclaimer #2: I think there does need to be reform in the… Continue reading The Disconnect – Updated