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Lately I have noticed an increase in adoptive parents talking about drama. Whether it’s remarks made by family, friends or strangers, many adoptive parents I know have found themselves in situations lately where they aren’t quite sure how to respond. The default response seems to be… anger is perhaps too strong a word, but… well,… Continue reading Drama

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Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

Two weeks ago we were interviewed (via phone) by a reporter for our local newspaper. They are doing an outdoor magazine this month and needed a camping/ outdoorsy family. My stepmom knows the editor, and voila, we are the family chosen. Well. Our camping life is (like everything else) divided into before-little-man and after-little-man. Now,… Continue reading Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

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Awkward Adoption Moment #1

Scene: Sunday at Church Setting: On a bench in the entryway/breezeway Characters: Me, Little Man, Older Lady Older Lady: He’s so handsome! Little Man: cheesy grin Me: Thank you! We are certainly blessed! Older Lady: Does he take after his father? Me: Yup! Stunned silence. My brain just toally froze up. The Older Lady looked… Continue reading Awkward Adoption Moment #1