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Lately I have noticed an increase in adoptive parents talking about drama. Whether it’s remarks made by family, friends or strangers, many adoptive parents I know have found themselves in situations lately where they aren’t quite sure how to respond. The default response seems to be… anger is perhaps too strong a word, but… well,… Continue reading Drama

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Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

Two weeks ago we were interviewed (via phone) by a reporter for our local newspaper. They are doing an outdoor magazine this month and needed a camping/ outdoorsy family. My stepmom knows the editor, and voila, we are the family chosen. Well. Our camping life is (like everything else) divided into before-little-man and after-little-man. Now,… Continue reading Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

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The First Time

So yesterday there’s a knock on our front door. I had just gotten Little Man to fall asleep on my lap (he’s cutting two teeth and is very clingy and whiny and refuses to sleep). Keith had just walked in the back door, home from work. I yell (because the dogs barking woke up the… Continue reading The First Time

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Awkward Adoption Moment #1

Scene: Sunday at Church Setting: On a bench in the entryway/breezeway Characters: Me, Little Man, Older Lady Older Lady: He’s so handsome! Little Man: cheesy grin Me: Thank you! We are certainly blessed! Older Lady: Does he take after his father? Me: Yup! Stunned silence. My brain just toally froze up. The Older Lady looked… Continue reading Awkward Adoption Moment #1