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Awkward Adoption Moment #1

Scene: Sunday at Church

Setting: On a bench in the entryway/breezeway

Characters: Me, Little Man, Older Lady

Older Lady: He’s so handsome!

Little Man: cheesy grin

Me: Thank you! We are certainly blessed!

Older Lady: Does he take after his father?


Yup! Stunned silence. My brain just toally froze up. The Older Lady looked at me like I had lost my marbles.

I know the answer is, “Yes!”

But part of me was aching say, “I don’t know! I don’t know who his father is.”


K is his father.

But LM doesn’t look like him.

Regardless, I know I should have popped out a “YES” without hesitation.

I’m sure I only hestiated for a few seconds, but it seemed like a lifetime.

Gonna have to work on my response time to awkward questions….

4 thoughts on “Awkward Adoption Moment #1

  1. That's what nice about them being so little now. They don't know when we mess up.
    I had someone ask me that question, we don't know her birthdad although we know she must take after him a lot at least in skin color.
    But I told them, nope, her daddy is as pale as me. I didn't leave them wondering too long.


  2. My daughter is 5 and we still get “where does she get her hair from?' She has reddish brown hair and me and my husband of black hair. I also get either “she looks just like you,” or “she looks nothing like you, who does she look like.” It used to drive me nuts and believe me there are still awkward (probably only to me) moments but oh well, this is the life of an adoptive mama 🙂


  3. I hate moments like this…I used to get this stupid look on my face and smile. I didn't want to mislead people about Aliya, but I also just wanted to shout from the rooftops, “YES, I am her mother, STOP asking me”!!!


  4. I dyed my hair, I suppose it would be difficult to dye your skin. 😀 I got so tired of people asking “Where did he get his brown hair?”

    When people say/ask such pointed things, I find it best to just say, uh huh. or nod.


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