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Is It Really February 11?

I guess it is! Today is my hubby’s birthday, and my Dad & Stepmom left town. My Mom agreed to stay (up all night) with the kiddo, so we’re having an impromptu “couple” night! All night! We might sleep until noon! Uninterrupted! Last night the kiddo was up from 2:30 until 6:00. I had a… Continue reading Is It Really February 11?

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Where’s the Line?

I’m confused about the privacy issue when it comes to blogging. I have friends who post their names, their kiddos’ names, their hometowns, their jobs and pictures of all of the above. Then I have friends who use their blogs as family newsletters, essentially, detailing all sorts of things that happen with their family. Then… Continue reading Where’s the Line?

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Calling Experienced Mommas!

So…Little Man is generally fussy, not eating his solids very well (except yogurt), still taking formula fine, and waking up fussy from naps and bedtimes. Our air conditioner bit the dust and it’s over 80 degrees in our house…plus it’s really humid outside (and over 90 degrees, even now at 8pm!). We don’t know if… Continue reading Calling Experienced Mommas!

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I Wonder….

When Little Man cries, I wonder…     *Does he miss Mama S?      *Is he crying because my body is still foreign to him?     *Is he in pain somewhere down deep inside?     *Physical pain? Emotional pain?     *Is he overtired and overstimulated?     *Is he bored? Is he hungry?     *Does he wonder who the heck I am?     *Am… Continue reading I Wonder….