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Our life (lives?) is (are?) insane lately.

Last week my husband worked 62 hours. He left the house before 6am every day and got home in time for bedtime. Not family dinner….not bath time….bedtime. Both the boy and I are having withdrawal symptoms.

This week isn’t shaping up much better.

I am eternally grateful my dad and stepmom live fifteen minutes away and love the boy as much as they do.

Because he is completely, totally and utterly two, and is also driving me insane.

To add to the insanity, I have decided to train for a marathon that is in November. And Keith is switching to nights the first full week of June. And our 9th wedding anniversary is next week (and we would like to actually celebrate somehow). And it’s girl week.

Thank God we are going camping tomorrow for four days.

Our family misses each other.

What’s insane in your life?

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3 thoughts on “Insane

  1. WOW! So insane!

    My insanity right now is a teething baby while preparing for house guests this weekend and preparing for Isabella's 2nd Birthday Party on Monday! INSANE busy!


  2. Hang in there momma! Being a terrible two toddler momma IS hard! Especially alone! You are doing an awesome job! Hope you had a wonderful time camping =)


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