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Today, I…

washed, dried, folded and put away four loads of laundry

made strawberry jam and raspberry jam

had a new friend and her daughter over to play

intentionally worked on nurturing that fledgling friendship

ate leftover salad out of the giant salad bowl

washed dishes. twice.

sat with my toddler in my lap for 45 minutes in front of his play kitchen while he made french fries and cookies.

watched an obscene amount of veggie tales


ate oreo bon bons and chocolate chip cookies

bathed the child

heard my precious precious boy say for the very first time ever:

“mommy ‘dopted you”

in response to my saying, “i love you and i am so glad you are my son”

“mommy ‘dopted you”

oh be still my heart!!

6 thoughts on “Today, I…

  1. Adorable.

    Makes some of those sleepless nights worthwhile.

    And how did you make jam in winter? Frozen berries? That's a fun treat this time of year!


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