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Addict, Part Two

Last December, I wrote about our decision to shut off our cable. You can read it here.

Yesterday we decided to get rid of our DVR.


We ordered an antennae that should arrive this week. When it does, I will call our cable provider and shut off their service.

This morning I realized one of my favorite TV shows starts again this week (Parenthood). Yay!! But it’s on at 10:00 at night. Boo. Without our DVR, I will never see it.


We’re now talking about subscribing to one of those streaming-on-demand services (with little red envelopes!) because that would be cheaper than the cable provider and DVR. But I’m a little concerned I will be watching too much television this winter, which means Little Man will be, too. We still protect his little eyes and ears and mind. He watches maybe (seriously, maybe) one hour of TV a day, and that’s all PBS.

And, I will miss my TV shows. Or can you get last night’s episode on those streaming things?

Such a problem to have, huh? Maybe we should just chuck the whole thing out the window.



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5 thoughts on “Addict, Part Two

  1. We only have “country cable” (4 channels) and I just refuse to spend the money on satellite or real cable. People look at me with a funny look and ask “Why?” I always reply that if I'm paying for it, then I have to watch it to justify the money. I don't have time to sit around and watch T.V. I could be reading a book, playing with my children, going to visit some of the widows in our community, cooking, writing a friend a letter, etc.

    Good for you! I think you'll be glad you unsubscribed.


  2. Good Luck! It can be done. We haven't had DVR yet. And we had gone the entire last year and a half without cable. I got by on that streamy stuff from the red guys and the internet. A lot of good shows and movies pop up there. But I was missing it though, only so many episodes show up on the channels websites. So I asked to be reconnected, we just got it last week. I still don't watch more than a couple hours a day, if that, and still don't have DVR, but when I do sit down, I have plenty of choices. Going without is totally doable. You can do it!


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