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My name is Rachel.

And I’m addicted to television.

I am not kidding. I love TV. I guess, to be fair, I love all media. If we were rich, we’d have the top level of cable/dish/whatever, fancy schmancy television sets, digital HD radio, magazine subscriptions to about 100 magazines, smart phones that could access the internet…and every book I’ve ever read.

 But lately I’ve come to the realization I watch way. too. much. television.

Part of it was stemming from being home with the baby. I went from teaching 6 classes of twenty-some middle schoolers (and interacting with dozens of adult colleauges and parents) everyday, to my world being reduced to one pre-verbal infant.


Okay, it is fun. But mentally? I could feel my brains leaking out my ears like melted jello.

That was not fun.

So I would turn on the television, because at least I could pretend there were other adults around. This is what happens when your husband works 14 hours a day. I would even talk back to the TV (which is probably a sign of mental illness. But if it is, I don’t really want to know).

When Little Man was born, I was all, “He’s never going to watch TV.” And honestly, he really hasn’t. He’s still pretty much unaware of the screen. I think. I mean, he never sits and stares at it. Well, once in a while he’ll seem to be intrigued by something (usually black and white cartoons or things accompanied by music) and pause and look. For about 10 seconds. Then he’s back to throwing playing blocks and trying to stack cups.

But still.

I did. I’d sit and stare at the screen. All day, it seemed.

And I know he’s getting smarter every day, and more aware every day, and I don’t want a couch potato kid.

So we shut off our cable on Tuesday.


First, it cut our bill in half. Second, it reduced us down to about a dozen local channels (and one out of Chicago – which is weird, but whatever). We still have about a dozen shows we record every week, but they’re all network.

I am a bit afraid of this winter. I think it’s going to be pretty snowy and cold around here, so I’m pretty sure there will be times that we are housebound for more than 24 hours at a time. And I might go a little stir crazy with nothing but local newscasters screaming about blizzard death.

But I’m willing to try – in hopes that my son does not become a television addict like me.

Book addict?




Wish me luck…and pray for my creativity 🙂

5 thoughts on “Addict

  1. I've always been a TV addict. When I was a kid, that was what my parents grounded me from. I was still just as happy to read in my room, but I loved the TV. I don't understand how B can turn off the TV in the middle of a show and go to bed. Seriously? Don't you want to know what happens?

    Nope. He doesn't.

    I wish I had that sort of indifference. And we can always hang out if you need a diversion! 🙂


  2. Good for you for shutting it off! We are thinking about doing the same, ironically, because we never watch it. I've become much more addicted to the internet. Before become a stay-at-home mom, I was on the computer for work all day, so I guess it's my connection to the outside world. We all have our vices, though I don't think I would survive if we decided to turn off our internet (how sad is that).


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