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It is early as I write this. 6 am. But this seems to be the only “me time” I have lately. I’m settling into a nice new routine. Little Man wakes up between 5 & 6 am most mornings. He gets a new diaper, some milk and some cuddling. Then he goes back down for a few more hours.

I am trying to use that time to spend with Jesus. Oh, not the entire few hours, but at least some of it. I have an old devotional, I read some scripture, I journal. It’s good. I have missed the regular time alone with Jesus that I had prior to bringing home our baby.

But, the days I do it seem better. Oh, it’s no magic formula, but what I read in the mornings tends to pop back into my head at opportune times throughout the day. I feel more grounded and more connected to the Holy. I prayed three weeks ago when I undertook this new routine that God would bless it. And He has.

I haven’t had 21 days or so of success. Yesterday, for instance, N woke up at 3:30 am. I stumbled back to bed and didn’t awaken again until he did at 7:45. Over the weekend, while camping, I didn’t succeed, because so little sleep was had.

But I am thankful for my Jesus. I am thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning. I am thankful that He is meeting me where I am. And I am thankful that most days I can still catch a few more hours of sleep 🙂

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