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Court Date

Our finalization date has been set for next Thursday! We are very excited! The grandparents will go with us and then we’ll go out to lunch as a family to celebrate.

It’s been a long, slow week. Momma has a wicked sinus infection, so I’ve been laying low. It’s hard to be a mommy and be sick. I have no idea how single moms (and dads) do it – I’ve called in every favor I can with hubby this week so I could get a little extra sleep.

Little Man is having a growth spurt, so he’s been alternately clingy and fussy. But I think we may be at the end of the spurt!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Court Date

  1. ooh, hope you feel much better soon. i've had a nagging cold that i passed onto M and now as we start to get over it, I think DH is getting one. Tis the season I guess. :/ But I hear ya, I think about single parents in a myriad of situations where it helps so much to have another person around to care for baby. I give them major props.


  2. Geochick and I are in the same state and I am jealous of your quick court date. We go in with Nora on April 13 – over 6 mos. later. Congrats on that exciting milestone and I hope that you feel better soon!


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