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Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

Tuesday was Little Man’s first birthday. Keith had planned to take the day off so we could go to the local children’s museum. Then we were going to take dinner and cupcakes over to a friend’s house, because she and her girls cannot attend his big birthday bash on Saturday. The day dawned yucky. Lots… Continue reading Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

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The Door Slammed Shut *Updated*

Well…I suppose, really, it was inevitable. Our adoption is now totally closed. It’s true that by our word K & I are to send updates about Little Man to our lawyer at specified intervals (3,6,9,12,18,24 months and ages 3-5). So, I guess, it’s sorta open from our standpoint. Plus, S has our phone number and… Continue reading The Door Slammed Shut *Updated*

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Why Is It Thursday?

Thursdays have been important days during our adoption journey. See this blog post for an almost complete list. And once again, two important events have occurred on the last two Thursdays. Last Thursday (March 4) we finalized our adoption of Little Man. Yes, it happened that quickly. Where we live, the birthparents sign their TPR… Continue reading Why Is It Thursday?

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No News is…Stressful

It’s Wednesday afternoon. S had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and said she’d call this evening once she got home. I’m at the point in the journey where I wish I had never said a word to anyone, because I keep getting texts and email messages and fb messages wanting updates. I don’t have an… Continue reading No News is…Stressful

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Nope…Not Yet!

No news yet! Well, no birth news. I think I’ll chalk that last post up to a wicked mix of feelings: the final two-week stretch (which I hear from everyone is the worst, second only to the hospital wait), PMS, holiday blahs, stress… I still feel like I’m swimming through tar and can’t quite “get… Continue reading Nope…Not Yet!

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Can’t Think of a Title…

How many more days until January 9? Why am I totally nesting? I mean, seriously…laundry load after laundry load…relining all the kitchen cabinets…rearranging rooms…cleaning…crying over things that don’t stay clean very long (courtesy of the mega-shedding dogs)…re-rearranging rooms…rearranging dresser drawers…cleaning out closets….making list after list… Why am I so moody? Why can’t I sleep? How… Continue reading Can’t Think of a Title…

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Privacy, Pediatricians and Pouring Out of Love

I loosened my privacy settings. My God is bigger than anything negative anyone can say to me, and my faith in Him is bigger than my fear of strangers who need Him. But I’m taking a DEEP BREATH with this, and comment moderation will be in full force. Anyway… So in the past two weeks… Continue reading Privacy, Pediatricians and Pouring Out of Love

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Another Thursday

Throughout this whole process, it seems that Thursday is our “magical” day. Of course I don’t really believe in magic (well, maybe Disney magic…). But every important thing has happened on a Thursday: Meeting the adoption social workersMeeting the lawyerBeing approvedGetting “the call”Getting our first letter from SGetting every letter, in fact, from SGetting ultrasound… Continue reading Another Thursday

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Fear & Future Posts

I have a whole post brewing in my brain about the definition of family. I’ve recently been conversing (via the blogosphere) with an adult adoptee who is very respectful of my questions. Today on the drive home, I began to wonder about the definitions of words such as “parent,” “family,” “step-parent,” “sister,” “brother,” etc. etc.… Continue reading Fear & Future Posts