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I Want One of My Own…

The weekend was a raging success!!!

Friday family adoption workshop: excellent. The family had great questions, the social worker was impressed with the family’s knowledge and excitement about adoption. All went well.

Saturday first birthday party (as in 1st for my baby niece and 1st that I’ve ever hosted at our house): excellent as well! We had almost 30 people attend. Everyone loved our tiny house, our cooked out food and the party.

Sunday breakfast with the ‘rents and brother, sis-in-law and niece: score!!

Sunday afternoon nap: the BEST I’ve had in months.

But the most excellent part of all this weekend? Bro & sis-in-law forgot the baby monitor for the crib. Since our crib is literally 7 feet from the foot of our bed (although on the opposite side of a wall & open doorway) I got to be the baby monitor. Niece is one, so she sleeps all night. So on Saturday morning, she woke up at 6am. I got her out of the crib, made her a bottle, and took her back to bed with hubby & I. I gave her the bottle and then the three of us played for about an hour. Then she curled up on my chest and fell asleep. I spent an hour snuggled up with my niece under the covers. I just listened to her breathe and suck her pacifier and watched her little face while I stroked her back & hands & feet. It was the most precious hour of my life.

And I want one of my own…

As an FYI to all adoptive mothers out there waiting for babies…I rocked and held my niece as much as I could this weekend, and my back is definitely reporting that to me. I think I’m going to start carrying around bags of flour to get used to the weight of a baby in my arms. Bring on the strength exercises!!! Our bodies won’t be ready for the weight of a baby…better start practicing any way we can 🙂

LOVE my family…

Haven’t heard anything about PBM, but I do know we are #4 or #5 on “the list” with the lawyer, so either way…waiting is definitely difficult. But it has been an honor and a joy to pray for this young high school woman who is pregnant.

4 thoughts on “I Want One of My Own…

  1. What an awesome, awesome weekend!!! I'm so glad that everything went so well, especially the question session on adoption.

    Oh man…I hear ya on the back-report! LOL I get that report every time I help with my friends kids…but I get a report from my arms, not my back. So, I joined the Y today. I'm gonna pump up while I can! What better motivation than to be ready to play with a little one!?



  2. Yeah!!! Glad you had a great weekend!
    We watched my niece every weekend for over a year and I loved her like she was my own…:) It was great practice!!


  3. That is so sweet about the time with your niece, I'm glad you had that opportunity!

    It's funny you should say that about the baby weight thing. The other day my arms were REALLY sore and I couldn't figure out why. Then I picked Charlie up after his nap and it all clicked into place…he's getting heavy! 🙂 Definitely a good reason to have muscle soreness any day!

    Hang in there with the wait, it is NOT easy and I pray your time comes soon!!



  4. Glad everything went well…sounds like a wonderful weekend!! And how sweet about your niece…I LOVE when mine comes to visit. So fun & such precious moments. 🙂


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