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Not Motivated…

All I can think about today is the wait.

I’m waiting.

I waited to get married…I waited to get pregnant…I waited for my husband to get on board with adoption…I waited to get on the list…now I’m waiting to be matched.

Wendy ( has written and excellent piece about the wait. I read it today, and it thoroughly resonated with me.

However, because I’m waiting, I’m not motivated to focus on anything else. Anything not baby or home-related, that is.

I want to paint our baby furniture and put away all the fun clothes we already have. I want to go over our registry with a good friend or two and make sure we have what we need on there (and not what we don’t). I want to make list after list of things we need: the layette, the hospital bag, baby names, who to call, etc. etc.

But at school…not one ounce of desire to teach, or mentor, or disciple.
At church…not one ounce of desire to program/design lights.

I’m just not motivated today…

3 thoughts on “Not Motivated…

  1. Thanks for posting that link to Wendy's letter. I read her blog, but somehow missed that lovely post.

    I understand how you are feeling, and how the wait is all consuming most of the time. Hang in there!!



  2. Sometimes, no matter where you are in the wait, it seems like the motivation just gets sucked out of ya. Enjoy this weekend and do baby-stuff if you want. The only thing you're waiting on is the baby; you don't have to wait to enjoy “the wait.” 🙂



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