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Welcome, 2016

We tried to sleep on our fold-out couch last night, the three of us. Little Man had coordinated a “party” for the us (board games, Wii games, root beer floats), and we crashed together in a “slumber party” to end the year. I made it until 4:27 am, when repeated kicks in the back and… Continue reading Welcome, 2016

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Training Run Tuesday: January Wrap-Up: DON’T GIVE UP!

Well. I’m still running? 🙂 January was hard. Between Little Man being sick for about 8 days, my mother-in-law being in the hospital for 11 days (and those two things overlapped), a sudden death in the family that required an all-day cross-state trip for a funeral, and Keith’s wacky schedule…well… My goal was to run… Continue reading Training Run Tuesday: January Wrap-Up: DON’T GIVE UP!