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Training Run Tuesday: January Wrap-Up: DON’T GIVE UP!


I’m still running?


January was hard. Between Little Man being sick for about 8 days, my mother-in-law being in the hospital for 11 days (and those two things overlapped), a sudden death in the family that required an all-day cross-state trip for a funeral, and Keith’s wacky schedule…well…

My goal was to run 40 miles.

I ran 26.9.

But my average pace was 13:30!!

So I’m getting faster, so there’s that, at least.

And I started spring training for Team in Training on Saturday, so I’ll have a little more consistency.

I hope.


I also added some stretches called a myrtl routine. You can access them here, if you are having hip issues; it’s a .pdf page, just fyi.

I also added some core strength training, in terms of old-school crunches and things. I stole this routine from Shut Up + Run. She is, umm, a little adult, sometimes, in her posts, but I LOVE HER. I have learned so much from her, in terms of running.

Anyway. I started the core routine last week. I’m up to maybe a quarter of it? Ha ha ha! But no one starts at the top, right? (and if you can whip through this entire routine in ten minutes, please don’t share that with me. I might cry and totally give up.)

I also applied to be a Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador. I figure, why not, right? I mean, all they can do is say no. But I love their products, and I’ve not seen it in stores in Indiana anywhere, so maybe I can offer some giveaways, talk up their product at some expos, and meet some new people!

So that’s January.

If you’re working, in any way, on getting healthier this year, let me encourage you:


So maybe January was a bust. Maybe you didn’t meet your goals. Maybe you ate too much chocolate or sugar, didn’t get to the gym as often as you wanted, your baby kept you up too much, your kid was sick, your MIL was in the hospital, your husband was sent out of town for two weeks, your car broke down, you have shin splints, your sick…

Start over. Today. (or tomorrow. who am i kidding?) It’s a new month. Re-set your goals and start over. You can do it. I can do it. We can do it!!


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