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Yucky Weather – Updated! With pics!

We are in the midst of an ice storm. We haven’t had weather in Indy like this since Keith & I were in high school. I have to admit, the sound of ice pellets hitting the house is very soothing to me… as long as we maintain electricity!

Keith’s truck terminal closed today, so he had an unexpected day off! Whoo-hoo!! That has given me some extra kitchen time. I’ve made applesauce and chocolate chocolate chip muffins so far. Pearsauce is upcoming, as is bread, since I got our bread out for breakfast and realized it’s stale. Yuck. Nachos for dinner… perhaps cinnamon rolls, too, as long as I’ve got out the yeast and flour 🙂

I love to cook and I love to bake. That’s part of my problem in staying home. Yes, we eat at home. But we eat a lot! I tend to make muffins and breads and cookies and such. I suppose homemade cookies are better for us than store-bought, right?


Oh well… the news says that 32 states are under some sort of winter weather watch or warning… I hope you are safe wherever you are!!

Keith took pictures… I’ll try to update this later with those!

Our house… with icicles.
Our street
Hole in the ice on the bedcover of hubby’s truck

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