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My baby is disappearing.

In his place is a little boy.

One who runs.

And tries to repeat everything we say.

One who hugs us.

And eats more than I do some days.

Instead of onesies, we have t-shirts and little carpenter jeans.

Instead of plain socks we have shoes that tie.

Sippy cups, instead of bottles.

Cars and trucks instead of plush rattles.

Keith & I spent the night away last night, while my mom stayed with Little Man (thanks, Mom!).

Today we came home.

Less than 24 hours later.

And my baby was further gone.

It’s making me a little sad.

I love who he is becoming… his personality that is starting to shine through… how smart he is… how loving he is.

But I miss my baby.

One thought on “Disappearing

  1. It goes too quickly, that's for sure. I can barely remember when I could hold R like a baby instead of on my hip. Now I hardly carry him at all! He holds my hand when we walk places. So strange. I mean, better for my back and all, but sad all the same.


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