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Juno vs. The Gladiator

Last night Keith and I stayed in a hotel.

Without our baby.

Yep. Grammy came and stayed with Little Man while Daddy & Momma embarked on a little getaway. It was good to get away. I missed Little Man way more than I thought possible, but I only called my mom twice: once to tell her our room number at the hotel and once to apologize for forgetting to make bottles or tell her how to do it. Oops.

Little Man had one meltdown after we left; about an hour after we left he realized we were gone and weren’t coming back anytime soon. Then he happily played with Grammy, ate everything she offered, slept through the night, and successfully napped.

Maybe Grammy should come over more often…


We drove to a quaint little town about an hour south of where we live. We stayed in an old fashioned inn. We swam, we played horseshoes, we ate ice cream and cashews. We wandered into shops and pointed out (without pointing) the crazy ways people dress (themselves and their dogs!). We played mini-golf, had dinner with friends, got fancy coffee and tea and swam some more.

We talked about things other than our son, which is crazy! We got a chance to reconnect as spouses and not just busy parents who seems to be two ships passing in the night some days.

So last night, laying in the super-air-conditioned hotel room, I was flipping back and forth between “Gladiator” with hottie Russell Crowe and “Juno.” Now, I was watching Juno because something was wrong with the television station (we were far from “civilization” in this town) and whatever was wrong proceeded to make Juno look like bad Japanese stop-motion cinema from roughly the 1970s. Their lips would move, then you would hear sound. Their movements were jerky and uncontrolled. It looked like everything was controlled by puppet strings.

It was actually pretty funny, especially since I had the sound down pretty low.

But apparently ice cream and cashews (oh, and IBC Black Cherry Soda, how I love thee!) mixed with Juno and Gladiator lead to weird dreams.

Dreams in which Juno, dressed as a Gladiator, chases down and murders all my friends, including the random dude who gave me a “Life is Good” sticker at the Life is Good store last evening.


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