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Calling Experienced Mommas!

So…Little Man is generally fussy, not eating his solids very well (except yogurt), still taking formula fine, and waking up fussy from naps and bedtimes.

Our air conditioner bit the dust and it’s over 80 degrees in our house…plus it’s really humid outside (and over 90 degrees, even now at 8pm!).

We don’t know if it’s just he’s hot or if there’s a growth spurt happening.

What are the signs of a growth spurt?

And any ideas for cooling him down?

Thanks in advance 🙂

9 thoughts on “Calling Experienced Mommas!

  1. I wouldn't call myself “experienced” but since LB is older than Little Man… 🙂

    I would say he is just HOT! Hope you can get that ac fixed soon 😦

    LB's growth spurt signs were usually waking early from a nap and increase in amount of formula intake per day. Once the growth spurt was over she'd go back to typical naps & decrease formula intake.

    She did have a big growth spurt at 6 months which I think is a typical time for one, but I would say with LM the heat is making him so uncomforable…


  2. My little guy gets very fussy if he gets overheated and he gets hot very easily, I dress him very lightly, especially with the temps lately!! You could try a cool/warm bath, I know my guy loves baths and if he is really fussy a bath usually will get him to be not so fussy and it brings his temps down (not running a fever but just from being hot)

    As for eating we went though a stage where he went from eating everything to eathing oatmeal and a few other things – very picky – this is very normal – I would just stick with what he will eat for now so you know that he is getting what he needs and then slowly try introducing other things again – we are back to eating tons of food again!!

    Is he teething – could be why he isn't too interested in some foods…my little guy is just now getting teeth at 15 months and we have 6 coming in all at once! NOT FUN!!!

    Hope some of this helps!!!


  3. I would say that he is warm. Try a fan and just a diaper. Unless he takes those off. Putting the crib away from the wall gets better flow over the crib. When my kids had a growth they ate like it was their last meal. When they are hot they hardly eat at all.
    I am a friend of Cathy.
    Hopefullt cooler weather comes soon!


  4. Sorry it's so hot 😦 Maybe try a cool (not freezing obviously) bath?

    Check out this link:

    I can't remember how old your son is, but the article says that “in general, they occur around the first few days after arriving home from the hospital, then at about 1 week old, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 6 months and 9 months.”

    By the way, I wasn't offended that you laughed about my “ugly ass glasses” tag. They WERE ugly ass…lol.


  5. about keeping cool:
    what clothes is he sleeping in?

    maybe give him a teething ring that's been in the fridge?

    growth spurt:
    you could look up the general guideline of ages when they happen

    i think signs are more tired & more hungry?


  6. We let Jack sleep in his diaper and nothing else when it's really hot. It could be gas also, try the generic mylicon from target they work great!


  7. I follow your blog through a friend of a friend, and I have been living/working without a.c. for the past three years. I know when it gets very hot like this some people have put a big bowl of ice behind a fan to help generate a cool breeze. I have never tried it, but it might help. AQD


  8. We have a fan blowing at Isabel but not directly on her. Let him sleep in just a diaper. Heat was one of Isabel's issues with sleep recently. Gave her a heat rash which itched.

    Let him suck on ice or a popsicle.


  9. Just a word of warning about letting the baby sleep in just a diaper though..especially in about six months when he's figured out how to undo the tabs.

    Woke up one morning at 7am, hearing my son chirping happily in his room…walked around the corner and the smell hit me like a train. He'd taken off his diaper, thrown it on the floor and was covered…we're talking dry poop. Apparently sometime between 2am and 7am he'd taken it off and started coloring on his walls with the stuff. OMG.

    Lol..just a little advice.


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